Giovanni Almondo Le Rive del Bricco delle Ciliegie 2019

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Seriously, some wines just transcend all the nonsense. The Bricco delle Ciliegie ‘Le Rive’ is one of those rare viticultural masterpieces – where the winemaker’s job is really to just not screw up what nature’s provided in this very special vineyard. Domenico Almondo who learned from the best in his father, Giovanni, has taken that stewardship to unheard of levels. 

For the ‘gold label’ micro-cuvee of Bricco delle Ciliegie only the vineyard’s single oldest patch is used for the grapes. They use just the first half of the juice from the press in this very special bottling (the rest sold off). If you ever wanted a secret touch to the nose as your hint, here you are. 

Usually this cuvee sells out to the restaurant glitterati within days of its once-a-year arrival. This year, I got a measly 150 bottles that I’m offering up to previous Almondo buyers ONLY. 

Original price was: $36.00.Current price is: $32.00.

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Almondo Roero Arneis Bricco delle Ciliegie Le Rive (Gold Label) is made from the estate’s oldest single plot of vines within the already heralded Bricco Delle Ciliegie (hill of cherries). This is only the third vintage of this label but it’s already considered by many to be one of the best white wines in all of Italy. Juicy peaches, pears, and a hint of almonds on the nose. The mouth is dense and fleshy, full of bright fruit, minerality and salinity notes with a touch of spice that’s the highlight of a finish that lingers and lingers in the best way. An absolute treat.

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