Baker’s Nicholas Exclusive Selection Single Barrel Unfiltered Bourbon

Nothing will ever beat having Baker Beam make me his favorite lunch in his own kitchen. Wow was this an episode out of fear factor. I’m usually adventurous but I had 3 things that I’ve never eaten before. Baker is a soft spoken true Kentucky legend but he laughed his ass off at my reaction . At least I got to taste some pretty killer bourbon.

Baker is now in his mid 80’s and has long since retired from being the master distiller at his grand uncle’s distillery Jim Beam. You also may know his fist cousin Booker. Do any of these name’s ring a bell yet?? Baker’s is by far the smallest & most dear Of Beams “top 4” ; Knob Creek, Basil Hayden’s, Booker’s & Baker’s.

Baker releases 2 age statement bourbons, 7 year & 13 year old, both at 107 proof. The 7 year goes for about $75 & the 13 year goes for about a cool $500 if, you can even find it. I think Baker got a kick out of watching me eat his Bologna & white bread sandwich with Dukes Mayo while washing it down with a Pepsi, because I got away with an 11 year 8 month old barrel with his name on it.

Obviously this baby was destined for the 13 year old batch. What, you thought I grew up eating bologna & mayo? Yuck!!! I didn’t even know Pepsi was still in business. He pulled 10 barrels for me to taste and I would have taken all 10 if he would have let me but obviously the one I “stole” was my favorite. If you consider the 13 year old is only 16 months older than mine you would think $300 is fair but specially for our Bourbon Buyers Club, I’m releasing the first 100 bottles at $105. Let’s be fair and limit it to 2 per customer.


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Something super special that I’ve been waiting on for a long time has finally made its way in. Oh boy, is this a beauty. On the nose there is beautiful notes of butterscotch, bitter chocolate, fresh cut mint with hints oak. On the palate, she explodes with cherry, baking spice & brown butter. She drinks much softer than a bourbon with a proof of 107 but the finish has just the right amount of burn and you won’t soon forget it.

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