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Xavier Vignon CDP Anonyme 2016

Our friend Xavier Vignon constantly fiddles with each step of his winemaking process. He’s never content with his work from the previous vintage, however great it may have been. It is that ‘mad scientist’ approach and attention to detail that has helped Xavier earn consistent and overwhelming praise from the most notable wine publication in the world, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.

Formerly a perennial Nicholas Wines favorite, we haven’t seen Xavier Vignon’s flagship wine, the Châteauneuf du Pape Cuvée Anonyme, for a few years now. It’s an incredible bottling that has NEVER earned the talented winemaker less than a 94-point score from Parker’s Wine Advocate and fittingly is always the toughest allocation for us to secure. Some of that is demand. Some of that is because in truly great vintages like 2016, Xavier always holds back a few barrels, looking to tinker a bit more and blend a few vintages together for his non-vintage specialty ‘La Reserve.’

But seeing as it has been so long since I’ve been able to bring Xavier’s flagship wine back, I asked if he had anything special. I remembered his quote from a few years back when he told The Wine Advocate that “2016 was just like a dream. The best autumn I’ve ever seen.” So I figured, what the hey, and asked the master himself if he had 2016s that he was willing to part with. Xavier paused for a few moments before relenting. Okay, I could give you a few cases of the Cuvee Anonyme.

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