Sperino Coste delle Seisia Uvaggio 2018

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Winemaking is a tradition that gets carefully passed from generation to generation. In the case of Proprietà Sperino, a couple of those generations were skipped but Paolo and Luca de Marchi are now the stewards of a 200 year old tradition and are making some of the most exciting wine in the world. Their ancestor, Dr Felice Sperino, stopped making wine in 1904 in Lessona, in the very shadow of the Alps, an hour and half northwest of Milano.

In the 18th and 19th century, this area of northern Piemonte was the very center of fine wine in Italy. In the fine, silty, yellow sand of Lessona, Felice and his ancestors grew and made world-class Nebbiolo-based wines, the famed grape of Barolo and Barbaresco. But right around the turn of the 20th century, people started to abandon the vineyards of northern Piemonte.

There were many reasons, two World Wars, mass migration of people, the industrial resurgence in and around Milan…for a poor farmer, it became silly to grow grapes in an Alpine climate when you could earn double working for Fiat! So, in 1904, Sperino made its last vintage of wine and the world slowly forgot about Lessona. That is until 2004 when Paolo and Luca reopened Felice’s estate and reintroduced the world to the seductive wines of Lessona. Since then – this region has enjoyed their greatest success to date!


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The 2018 Uvaggio is the estate’s premier blend of several vineyards and while always considered far more Burgundian than some of tannic behemoths one might more often think of when it comes to Grand Cru Nebbiolo, the 2018 is even more refined than previous efforts. It’s a delicious wine that manages to already be a joy to drink now, even its youth, yet also capable of many years of cellaring. To be honest, one would be forgiven for thinking this an $85 premier cru Burgundy, but it’s not that, and can be had for a much more affordable price.

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