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Petterino Gattinara 2013


Petterino owns just 2½ hectares of vineyards amongst just seven parcels, but the location of each parcel is what helps set this tiny winery apart. At this tiny little boutique winery, home to some of the absolute top parcels of Gattinara’s top cru vineyards, is where some of the best Nebbiolo is made. Anywhere.

With such miniscule amounts of wine produced each year, this micro-winery can’t afford to have these precious bottles snatched up and consumed too early. There’s no marketing department and no expert reviews. They rely completely on their reputation among an exclusive group of some of the world’s foremost tastemakers.

It’s a luxury that most winery’s can’t afford– but when your wine is exceptional enough that it easily rolls its way into Thomas Keller’s Michelin-starred NYC hotspot upon (belated) release, and never has to rely on expert reviews, you get to play by a wholly separate set of rules.

The result of waiting on this wine is undoubtedly making all the difference, with this 9-year old Nebbiolo from arguably the greatest ever Piedmont vintage completely roaring out of the gates. It shows so much life and exudes an invigorating nose that lights up with wild berries, a hint of sage and baking spice. This one spent 3 years in oak, and then six years carefully aging, so every edge is rounded, and it’s cut to perfection.

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