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Knob Creek Nicholas Barrel Reserve #5 10-Year Bourbon (120 Proof)


This is my sixth private barrel with Knob Creek overall (my fifth 10-year, 120-Proof Single Barrel) and I am consistently blown away by the ratio of quality to value here. It barely makes any sense. Nobody else comes close.

I always jump at the chance to grab one of these private barrels for our Bourbon Buyers Club and I love going down to Kentucky to do it. They always pull out all the stops, and I’m welcome to as many samples there as I am anywhere.

This year, it only took 14 samples before one just hit me like a ton of bricks. When you say “WHOA” – you know that’s the one. This baby came from Warehouse 1 on Floor 5 and Rick 32. She was born on December 12th, 2013 and was just bottled exclusively for the Bourbon Buyers Club. This juice is sensational. I hope this annual deal continues indefinitely, because nothing comes close. If this barrel is like its predecessors, it won’t be around long!

This has a ton of energy and inviting aromas that just flood right out of the bottle. You’re greeted right away to a big burst of toffee and freshly baked banana bread with toasted wheat and even a splash of chocolate. There are some really nice secondary notes of spice that really compliment the dried fruit and brown sugar flavors. It’s incredibly smooth with a creamy middle and a finish that gives you that unmistakable warm “Kentucky Hug” that wraps around you nice and tight. But even at 120 Proof, you can barely feel any of the heat.

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