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Hampton Water Rose 2023 (Case-Only)

*Case-Only Special. Very limited quantities. One bottle in each case is signed by Jon Bon Jovi himself.*

Jon Bon Jovi is known in his family as a big Rosé fan. Always has been, especially at the family home in the Hamptons. So when his son talked to him about starting his own winery in France focusing on Pink wine, he didn’t immediately shut the idea down.

Instead, he did what any good father would do when his son has a dream that he wants to pursue: He did everything he could to make it come true.

The elder Bongiovi flew his son out to France and had him tour wineries, shaking hands and meeting winemakers searching for the right fit. For the Bongiovis, it was about finding the best partner possible. Someone who would pour their own blood, sweat, and tears into the project in addition to being an innovative, talented winemaker. The more people they met and the more folks they asked, it became clear that Gerard Bertrand was the obvious choice, as long as he was willing. Fortunately, he said yes.

Gerard Bertrand is a legend in the South of France. Born and raised in the Languedoc, you can find no greater champion of wine in the region. The big press, the accolades, the waitlist for folks looking to hire him as a consultant…for all those without 11 platinum records.

Five years in, the Hampton Water Rose project is a smashing success. It already saw a Top 100 list from Wine Spectator in its first ever vintage! It’s even made more top 100s in the five vintages since.

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