Giovanni Almondo Le Rive del Bricco delle Ciliegie 2022

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Each year, what is arguably Italy’s greatest white wine is made in quantities far too small to meet the demand. Only dozens, not hundreds, of cases are made. Only a fraction of those make it stateside (usually only enough to count on your hands). But for winemaker Domenico Almondo, that’s just fine.

In fact, that’s Domenico’s only goal in making this wine—to have it be considered the best white wine in the world. It’s not really a wine that’s priced to make any money and there’s far too little of it to possibly make a splash with the Michelin star set. Each year, we get a tiny amount of cases that I dole out to a small part of the list, just trying to spread it around.

The Gold Label “Le Rive” is made from the estate’s oldest single plot of vines within the already heralded Bricco Delle Ciliegie (“hill of cherries”). For the micro-cuvee of the estate’s flagship wine, they only use the first half of the juice from the press in this very special bottling (the rest of it is sold off).

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The 2022 is a stunning example of this wine despite this year’s tiny allocation. With such a small amount of fruit used, this is always so deeply concentrated and energetic. Both its aromas and flavors seem to echo the layered soils in which its grown – presenting their own continuously evolving strata of mint, ginger, anise, and stone fruit.

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