Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Bourbon


Albert B. Blanton famously told Elmer T. Lee that he didn’t need any help at the Distillery back in 1949, nearly ending one of the most illustrious master distilling careers before it even began. Lucky for all of us, he was convinced by his friend, Orville Schupp to show up the next week for work anyway. He started off as a maintenance engineer before earning an enigeering degree and moving to the position of Plant Engineer.

He continued to rise the ranks before taking over Master Distilling duties in the 1950’s, a position he wouldn’t relent until his retirement in 1985. During that time, he helped revolutionize the industry, bringing in modernization that the Kentucky whiskey world had never before seen.

His work and legacy have been honored by his induction into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2001, his receipt of the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from both Whisky Advocate in 2002 and Whisky Magazine in 2012, and his induction into Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame. Of course this man gets a Single Barrel bottling in his name. It’s only right. I warn you though – this is always one of the toughest Bourbons to secure in the open market.


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The buzz around Elmer T. Lee’s release is always pretty intense, it’s one of the toughest Bourbon allocations to secure. I got a mere four bottles this year but.. that’s twice as much as I usually get! This one, is named after the great Master Distiller Emeritus Elmer T. Lee. It’s always a sensational release with the famed Whisky Advocate calling this “an elegant, complex whisky. The flavors are nice and tight.”

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