Redbreast 12-Year Cask Strength Single Pot Irish Whiskey


Redbreast has a rich tradition in Ireland of over 100 years. The single pot still Irish whiskey brand made by Irish Distillers has always showed a more refined, premium style of Irish Whiskey. Currently, they have six different bottlings: the 12 Year Old, 12 Cask Strength, 15 Year Old, 21 Year Old, Lustau Edition (matured for its final year in Bodegas Lustau sherry casks) and as of the pandemic, a 27 Year Old Edition as well. There is only 1 Cask Strength and unsurprisingly if you know my palate, it’s my favorite of the group.

The first Redbreast ever sold was the Redbreast J.J. Liqueur Whiskey 12 Year Old back in 1912. Since then it’s been the 12-year that has been the main driver of the brand so to speak. It’s objectively outstanding and is as flavorful, robust and smooth as you could want a Whiskey. The Cask Strength kicks up to a whole other level though. It’s the one you want.

Nose: Succulent exotic fruit with a little citrus, complementing deeper notes of dried apricot and sultana. Infusion of assorted spices and toasted wood.

Taste: Rich, fully rounded and mellow with luscious fruit and spices. Sweetness of vanilla and a touch of oak.

Finish: Satisfyingly long with the sophisticated combination of fruit and spices slowly giving way to toasted oak, then barley.


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The Redbreast 12-Year is probably their most notable for a few reasons. One is it’s still available for a great price, and the other is that it’s flat out delicious. There’s a reason this has a hundred accolades next to it, most recently taking home the trophy for World’s best Whiskey in 2019 at the Intl. Wine & Spirits Competition.  But the 12-Year Cask Strength is way more rare and it is a pure and unadulterated version of the 12-Year. It’s so friggin good. Made in a combination of Oloroso Sherry Casks and Bourbon Barrels, the 12-Year Cask Strength is textbook single pot Whiskey made at a higher percentage than most Irish whiskeys you’ll find on the market.


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