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ColleStefano Verdicchio di Matelica 2023

Every once in a while, one of those ‘no brainer’ offers pops up. One of those where every question you have is emphatically answered and all that’s left is to hit the ‘Buy the Case’ button and await your wine. That’s today to a T. This is an Italian cult winery.

Asimov called it, “so good and so reasonably priced that I regularly tout its virtues.” Ian D’Agata, the long-term Italian specialist for Vinous took it a step further when he declared for all to read, “let me be clear: I think it is probably Italy’s single greatest white wine buy.” And while I’m torn, and don’t think I can take away that particular crown from Domenico Almondo, for the price, there is simply no denying just how great ColleStefano’s Verdicchio really is.

Led by owner Fabio Marchionni, ColleStefano has earned an incredible reputation both locally and internationally. They even are referred to as, “”The gem of Verdicchio di Matelica”. As Vinous points out, “[Marchionni’s]’s Verdicchio di Matelica is not just mineral and steely, but ages extremely well too (ten plus years).”

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