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Clyde May’s 5 Year Nicholas Single Barrel Selected Bourbon Whiskey (Special Price)


*Bourbon Buyers Club Price*

Kentucky is certainly the top of the heap when it comes to making bourbon. Don’t sell Alabama short though. They take their Whiskey pretty seriously too. It is after all their official state drink. You know what New Jersey’s is? Yep, cranberry juice. Man are we boring.

The king of the hill in Alabama is Clyde May’s . He put Alabama style whiskey on the map. Alabama Style is good (adding apples into the mash bill) but for me Clyde’s straight bourbon is what I’m interested in. To say Clyde’s has an interesting history is an understatement. It says it right on the bottle . Available since 1946, legal since 2001. Hmmmm. After a little stint in jail for bootlegging Clyde was famously quoted ” it’s better to break the law than to cut corners”. It has become the motto of the distillery. This is my kind of place. I think Hazzard County was set in Georgia but there is no doubt in my mind that Bo & Luke were inspired by Clyde.

For years I’ve been trying to get my own barrel of Clyde May’s. They always have just offered me their Alabama Whiskey. Don’t get me wrong, that is really good, but I’m a purist and like high proof straight bourbon. Thankfully, my persistence has finally paid off. I was able to select a 5-year-old bourbon last year and it has finally arrived.
Single barrels of Clyde May’s are super limited. This mash bill is a high corn 75%, 21% Rye & 4% Barley.
She was born on 4-18-16 & bottled on 7-27-21.
A nice 102 Proof but you’d never know it!

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