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Borghi ad Est Pinot Grigio Friuli 2019


Today’s Pinot Grigio hails from a scorching hot region. But I’m pretty sure I’ve never even offered a wine from this part of Italy before so I’m pretty psyched. This one today, the Borghi Ad Est comes from Gorizia in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Collio.

Here, along the Slovenian border, you’re treated to an incredible eco-system perfect for generating world-class wines. You’re protected from the harsh winters by the Julian Alps, protected from the heat in the summer from the breeze from the nearby Adriatic Sea and are home to some of the most amazing soil in the world (layers of marl and sandstone). That unique combination is responsible for some of the best high-toned, mineral laced whites anywhere.

It’s here and Alto Adige that make the best Pinot Grigio in the world, hands down. No where else are people touching this kind of quality. Wine Enthusiast went as far as calling the two “the finest growing zones for white wine in Italy.” Hard to argue.

The best part of Borghi Ad Est is that the winery only makes Pinot Grigio much like most wineries in the area. Stick to what you know best, right? Seeing only stainless steel, the wine comes out super expressive and energetic with tropical aromas of mango, guava and papaya. On the mouth, passion fruit, lemon, guava and a wonderful mineral component with strong acidity that yields to a creamy middle with a dash of honey. The finish is long and dry with lingering citrus notes. Mamma mia.

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