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Black Friday Bourbon Whiskey Trio

Each Black Friday Whiskey Trio includes:

Maker’s Mark Private Selection Nicholas Barrel Reserve #3
Notes: Fragrant notes of toffee, caramel apple and coffee. Despite being high alc., it’s crazy smooth and seductive with vanilla and caramel notes and a creamy finish that delivers a super enjoyable slow burn.

Stave Profile:
Baked American Pure: 3
Seared French Cuvee: 2
Maker’s Mark 46: 2
Roasted French Mocha: 3
Toasted French Spice: 0


Wyoming Whiskey Private Stock Nicholas Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon Whiskey:

I had this bottled at cask strength and it came in at a fairly whopping 117 proof. This is another of those bottles for the serious bourbon drinkers.

Bouquet: Freshly Baked Bread, Orange Rind, Honey, Syrup
Palate: Honey, burnt orange, caramel and, cinnamon with winter spice.
Finish: Long and smooth with a nice slow burn that tapers off with smooth notes of spice. You never feel the heat, but at 58.5% alc. it is definitely one that will pack a big punch – but you’ll absolutely love it.


Knob Creek Nicholas Barrel Reserve #4 Select Bourbon:

After nearly 30 samples, I stumbled upon this latest barrel and knew I had to bring it back to New Jersey. This juice was insane. This one came from Floor 6 and Rick 73. She was born on January 9th, 2013 and was bottled back in July. I’m thrilled with how this is drinking right out of the gates. I can’t imagine this one will be around very long.

This has a ton of energy and inviting aromas that just flood right out of the bottle. You’re greeted right away to a big burst of toffee, freshly baked banana bread, with toasted wheat, and even a splash of chocolate. There are some secondary really nice spiced notes that really compliment the dried fruit and brown sugar flavors. It’s incredibly smooth with a creamy middle and a finish that gives you that unmistakable warm “Kentucky Hug” that wraps around you nice and tight.

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