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Orders are available for pick-up at Restaurant Nicholas at 160 Route 35 South Red Bank, NJ 07701 during the following times:

Monday: 9:30-3:30; Tuesday – Friday: 9:15am – 9:00pm; Saturday: 11:00am – 9:00pm; Sunday: Closed

Angel’s Envy Nicholas Single Barrel Reserve #1


One distillery that I’ve been really anxious to taste through their private barrels has been Angel’s Envy. A private barrel selection from A.E . is about as rare as a Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade. We all are sure that it’s happened, but does anybody really remember seeing one? With so few in the market place I was pretty confident I was going to be able to snag a gem.

Angel’s Envy is rightfully very popular and their prices tend to be on the higher side, but there’s a few good reasons for that beyond the obvious ‘supply and demand’. AE only makes small-batch whiskey and they do it with their own in-house process that involves a port wine barrel finish. It’s a very deliberate process, and although well worth it, that contributes to the cost. So does the highest quality of ingredients. High-quality grains make high quality whiskies. A lot of folks cut corners, the folks at AE do not.

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