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Sagamore Rye Nicholas Single Barrel Reserve Whiskey


This is not always the case, but sometimes when you have a ton of money to throw at a project & you hire the right people to run the show you can really come up with an incredible product. We see it all the time in the wine industry, and you’re starting to see it more and more with in the Spirits category.

It was the case with Whistle Pig & it certainly is the case with Sagamore. At the time of their first award from San Francisco’s Interational Spirits Competition where they dethroned Whistle Pig for ‘World’s Best Rye Whiskey’, they were unwilling to part with a barrel for our program. But I have stayed on them for many months and lucky my persistence eventually paid off. I went down to Baltimore & tasted through a bunch of single barrels & selected a 7-year-old barrel to offer to the club.


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