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Russell’s Reserve ‘Private Single Barrel Selection’ Bourbon Whiskey #6


Back in the day, I used to pick three barrels of Russell’s Reserve every year and offer them up to the Nicholas Wines faithful. Now, if I’m lucky, I get one barrel every three years. I kinda feel like I should drink this one out of a golden chalice.

These days, a private pick of Russell’s is the “Holy Grail” of the bourbon world. As you might imagine, my bar at home is well-stocked with my picks from over the years, but the bottle that I grab most often is my Russell’s #2. It’s just so dang good. I have heard the same thing from many of you who also consider it amongst your favorites. They told me this one was coming in for Christmas, but I guess they meant Easter. Either way, this juice is so rare, I am only selling 100 bottles of this selection and stashing the rest. I would suggest you grab two while you can!

During the pandemic, we would sell out of a year’s worth of bourbon in a month. As you well know, I’ve been struggling to restock them ever since. The bourbon shortage, the glass shortage, and all the logistical challenges haven’t helped the situation.

I love tasting with Eddie because he says he doesn’t get “warmed up” until barrel #50. Last time we tasted together, I think I bowed out around 100. Crazy thing is, we both ranked barrels separately and came up with the same exact top four. I definitely don’t mind having the same palate as that guy!

Born- 12-10-13
Tasted- 2-21-23
Bottled – 3-2-23
Barrel #22-0635
My tasting notes: Super creamy with flavors of toffee, vanilla, roasted pineapple & floral rye. The finish takes you on a ride that lasts over a minute.

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