Ricasoli Chianti DOCG 2021

Ricasoli is an institution in the Italian wine scene. That’s not hyperbole – they are literally the oldest documented winery in Italy. They’re soooo old – they’re the fourth oldest family business in the world!

With a history that traces back to 1141, they have been working the soils of Tuscany for almost 900 years. It is incredibly impressive.

As the current generation of Ricasoli owners will tell you – the only way you stay relevant for all these years is to have a relentless commitment to the land, to the community and to make wines that make people truly happy.

It’s what Baron Bettino Ricasoli did in the mid 1800s after two stints as prime minister of Italy when he devoted the 30 years after he left office to experiment and document his original formula for the Chianti wine that would become the standard for the entire region.

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This is a treat from the oldest winery in Italy and one of the oldest family run businesses in the entire world. Their 2021 Chianti DOCG is an absolute ringer – a sizzling Sangiovese dominant blend with soaring aromatics and crunchy, clean red fruits that make it both a standout with a fresh pizza as well as a mighty house Red that deserves a Cabernet glass and a rocking chair by the fireplace and nothing else. 

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