Pine Ridge Vineyards CBV White 2023

Pine Ridge Vineyards, in the heart of the Stags Leap District AVA, is one of Napa’s greatest treasures and one of the coolest places you could check out. The gorgeous, sprawling property was founded by wine pioneer Gary Andrus in 1978 and has carried a reputation as one of Napa’s premier wineries and destinations ever since.

If you’ve ever visited this little oasis right off the Silverado Trail, then no doubt you were treated to the good life. Whether you’ve sat back in the tasting room admiring the view, strolled through the garden, or taken a tour through the vineyards and signature wine caves, you’ve probably been poured the CBV white blend, an explosive mix of Chenin and Viognier.

It’s surprising that a little white blend can be so good, but that’s the reason that this particular wine has been a staple at the winery since the mid-90’s and remains available to consumers for what Robert Parker, Jr. famously called “a preposterously low price.” It just hits way above its weight class. I don’t know whether it’s the unique clay and loam soil or the pure stainless steel ferment, but this just has an aromatic fireworks show unlike any I’ve had from a Napa white wine in quite some time.

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This gem comes from a great winery in the heart of the Stags Leap District in Pine Ridge. Their new 2023 CBV hits all the right notes. It’s crisp and bright with crazy aromatics flashing floral notes, orange blossoms, lemon-line, honey, ginger, and honeydew with nectarine and passionfruit flavors and a super clean, citrusy finish. It’s the perfect wine to enjoy on a nice day, with or without some appetizers and/or a nice cheese board.

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