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Nicholas ‘Spring Sippers’ Mystery Case


Our mystery case series has never coincided with this kind of weather before, but I’ve been preparing for a while for the occasion. I’ve got some great recommendations of wines that will shine in the back yard, at the pool or at the beach.

I told my suppliers that once the Nicholas Faithful gets introduced to a fabulous wine at a great price, they are extremely faithful (that’s why we call them that) and they will reorder many, many times over. The trick is just getting them to try your wines.

I told them to choose their best bottles – only the ones that are going to knock people’s socks off once they taste them and then sell them to us at a massive discount. I’ll keep the case contents a mystery so that the wineries don’t get upset about the prices on the internet.

For the spring/summer edition of the mystery case, I’m dialing up a ton of fantastic bottles that just beg to be served in a chilled glass somewhere picturesque on a warm, sunny day. I’m talking bone dry Roses, crisp, mineral whites – quaffable reds and just about everything you’ll need for June and beyond.

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