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Knob Creek Nicholas Single Barrel Reserve Select Rye #4


Landing a single barrel of any of these is a tall order. Keep in mind 99% of these barrels will be blended together to make a singular expression of that particular bourbon or rye label. I am one of the few that is lucky enough to be invited to taste the barrels before they are blended to snag one that I find to be the best of the bunch. Each year I grab a barrel of bourbon but the barrel that I really go down to get is the Rye.

True Whiskey and Knob Creek enthusiasts are going to go nuts for this one. Knob Creek Rye is as outstanding as it is rare but today we’re lucky enough to once again bring to you, my own single barrel of it. This is a big gold expression of Rye that holds nothing back. On the nose, there are hints of dill, rye and essence of charred oak. On the palate, you are hit over the head with baking spice, honey and freshly baked bread. The finish is certainly a warm “Kentucky Hug” that goes on forever.

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