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George Dickel Nicholas Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey


For our my first ever Tennessee Whiskey I went to George Dickel, the granddaddy of them all as far as quality goes. This stuff ain’t Jack Daniels, I’ll tell you that.

What the hell is the difference between Tennessee Whiskey & bourbon? I figured I would ask the question for you. Tennessee Whiskey is also at least 51 % corn just like bourbon & it is also aged 2 years in new American charred oak barrels. The major difference is that almost all T.W. goes through the “Lincoln County Process”.

This is a process where the whisky is filtered through sugar maple charcoal before aging in barrel. This adds a smoky tone but also makes the whisky lighter on the palate & much more mellow. Perfect for easy sipping in the warm weather or for making cocktails.

You should know firstly that a “Barrel Select” is the best juice that Dickel offers. But ours is even better than usual best stuff that Dickel offers because I picked it out of a group of 20 barrels that they “earmarked” as the best of the best. Ours is 9 years old & I convinced them to bottle it at 103 proof.

Ripe Apple, chocolate and tobacco on the nose. On the palate there is notes of Vanilla, Tobacco & Banana. Super smooth with a long lingering finish. You won’t find a better bottle of Tennessee Whiskey.

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