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Espolon Nicholas Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Anejo Tequila


I had so many unforgettable experiences on my last trip to Kentucky but the one that stands out the most was getting to taste through the Wild Turkey rickhouses with Eddie. We had a great afternoon and I get the feeling that I might have even earned a click of respect from him after I passed all his “tasting tests.” He even let me take one of his prized “Russell’s Reserve” barrels from him for a Nicholas Wines offering. He asked me sign the barrel and then he signed it right after me. I had no idea why..

Two years ago now,  Eddie Russell surprised me by sending my empty barrel of Russel’s Reserve bourbon to Espolon to age a very special tequila. Don’t tell Eddie, but the tequila sold out even quicker than the bourbon that was originally in the barrel. You know I love to “recycle” so I made sure that I asked Eddie to send this years barrel to Mexico too.

Apparently, Wild Turkey sells their used barrels to Espolon for their bourbon barrel aged tequila. You wanna guess where my barrel ended up?? It spent part of the winter in Jalisco, Mexico filled with tequila and just arrived to Red Bank this week. What an awesome surprise! There couldn’t be any more perfect time of year for Tequila, here it is. Have at it.

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