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El Tesoro Nicholas Single Barrel #2 Reposado Tequila


A few months back I was sent 12 barrel samples from my friends at El Tesoro in Jalisco. I loved almost every one of them but as is the norm for me there was one that stood out amongst the rest. Of course, I should have known it was aged in bourbon barrel. This barrel was 11 months old so we labeled it as a Reposado.

El Tesoro is one of the oldest family run Tequila distilleries still around. I’m sure that why they still use the much more expensive Tahona method to crush the Pina’s. Most of the big houses are using a mechanical press now instead of the “Tahona” stone (A huge volcanic stone that is turned by mules). Usually this method is only reserved for the most expensive tequilas. To find one under $60 is pretty rare.

My second of two barrels, this one seems a little more lively. A bevy of citrus aromas pour out of this one with Maui Gold pineapple notes followed by a smooth mix of oak and vanilla. This is absolutely delicious to just sit with and sip but with an under $50/btl price tag, you might not be able to resist the temptation of pouring yourself a premium margarita.

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