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Blue Run Trifecta Bourbon Whiskey


Blue Run Spirits, a distillery based in Louisville, Kentucky is on a complete roll these days. The company was founded by a group of whiskey enthusiasts who are passionate about creating high-quality, small-batch bourbons. They work with master distillers and blenders to craft their whiskies, ensuring that each bottle meets their exacting standards for flavor and quality.

Today with Whiskey director, Shaylyn Gammon at the helm and with one of the most famous men in whiskey, liquid advisor Jim Rutledge, the duo have reached a gear that few can compete with.

Mixing three Kentucky bourbons at 6, 8 and 9 years, the duo of Jim Rutledge and Shalyn Gammon have created a beauty – a meticulously crafted Bourbon that deservingly found its way on Whisky Advocate’s coveted Top 20 list at last year’s end. That’s a coveted list to be on, but Whisky Advocate said the folks at Blue Run “demonstrate(d) their mastery with this blend” a blend that they called “rich with flavors of chocolate and espresso, then playful notes of raspberry syrup” in their 94-point review. This is a total gem at 117.1 Proof with alcohol that is so perfectly integrated, you never even notice it.

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