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Zanotelli Pinot Grigio Trentino 2022


Luckily, our good friend Diego Bolognani did us one last giant favor before he stepped away from winemaking. In giving me the bad news he was done, I think he could sense on the phone that I was a little worried. “But I do have a recommendation for you”, he said. Oh man was I happy to hear that.

He got excited as he told me all about this outstanding producer Zanotelli in Trentino. All of his winemaking friends know and love their wines, he explained. And here’s the part that blew me away– they even have a pretty significant advantage over the master himself: all their grapes are estate grown, unlike Diego who for years had to contract out for his grapes!

Of course, I was half expecting that with all the good news ,some bad news would follow. Estate fruit, Diego himself is a huge fan… how much might we be talking? Luckily, Diego knows me so well and answered that question himself using my own line. “Nicholas, this is a fantastic Pinot Grigio and if you get two bottles of this, it’s the same price as one bottle of Santa Margherita and way better. I laughed out loud on the phone… I’m gonna miss that guy!

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