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Yellowstone Nicholas Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Take a look of some of the shots I got of Limestone Branch and Stephen Fante from my trip.

I have met some characters in the bourbon business but I have never met anyone like Stephen Fante from
Limestone Branch Distillery in Kentucky. I met him at the distillery in a snow storm back in January. He was sitting out on the porch next to a wood stove drinking a hot “beverage” out of a tin cup.

I half thought it was a gag. You know kind of like one of those tour guides in Disney World? Halfway through, I started secretly recording him because of the things he was saying. Unfortunately he caught me so I only got a few minutes. My favorite quote was “Paul Beam’s great, great ,great grandmother on his mothers side tells me them Beam boys weren’t born, they were distilled”, then he takes a sip from his tin cup.

Well it turns out Stephen was not an actor, he is the real deal & actually is kind of famous as Kentuckys #1 ambassador & has been recognized with the Double Platnium award from Fred Minnick. Side show aside, “This was some damn good juice” that we tasted together. Believe it or not, I actually think this barrel was my favorite pick of the trip.

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