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Russell’s Reserve ‘Private Single Barrel Selection’ Bourbon Whiskey


I’ve leaned on my friendships & connections in Kentucky big time over the last few months & finally some barrels are beginning to arrive. Should we surprised that the first one to arrive is from my friend Eddie Russell from Russell’s Reserve & Wild Turkey?

I love tasting with Eddie because he says he doesn’t get warmed up until barrel # 50. Last time we tasted together I bowed out around 100. Crazy thing is we both ranked barrels separately & came up with same top 4. My first phone call went to Eddie back in April when we ran out. Eddie agreed to send me 10-barrel samples from my favorite Rickhouse (E). 5 from level 4 & 5 from level 3.

I made my selection in a quick minute thinking I could get it right away. Ha, fat chance. She just arrived. I will make 160 bottles available to the NW faithful . Don’t wait too long, I’m fairly certain this barrel will empty just as fast as my last one!

Born- 9-9-11
Tasted- 4-5-20
Bottled – 10-27-20
Barrel #20-0041
My tasting notes: Super creamy with flavors of toffee, vanilla, roasted pineapple & floral rye. The finish takes you on a ride that lasts over a minute.

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