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Old Forester Nicholas Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon


I was invited June 2019 to Old Forester to watch them bottle their Birthday Bourbon. Jackie knows it’s my all time favorite. I even get a whopping 6 bottles for myself. It kicks the crap out Pappy. The Birthday bourbon is a blend of 12 of Jackie’s favorite barrels each year & bottled at cask strength & comes from level 3 of the rickhouse. Every visit I have begged for them to release a barrel at cask strength to me. I get a quick no chance. On this visit I noticed my name hangs on the wall in the tasting room as the #1 restaurant buyer of Old Forester in the world.

Believe me I used this in my negotiations to absolutely no avail. But my ‘no’ changed to a ‘yes’ when Jackie had to cancel her trip here in March for this little virus thing thats going round. She felt bad for us as NJ was the epicenter. Ha, little did she/we know at that time what was yet to come. So for the first time in history this is your chance to taste & own a cask strength Old Forester unless you have the Birthday bourbon but even that one is a blend while this is a single barrel.

Will it cost the $595 that the BB cost??? Nope, this one is only $95.

Rickhouse- L
Level 3 ( of course)
Proof- cask Strength- a massive 127.9
This one is for true bourbon lovers. You will need to add a tsp of water to open this baby up.
Act quick I’m only releasing 100 bottles of this barrel. The rest will be reserved for Barrel & Roost. No judgements if you see me sitting at the end of the bar on Sunday nights drinking straight from the bottle. I am Giants fan after all!

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