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Maker’s Mark Private Selection Nicholas Barrel Reserve #1 (Buyers Club Price)


Thanks for signing up for the Bourbon Buyer’s Club. We have some very special items coming down the pike. But as an extra special thank you – here’s access to my Maker’s Mark Private Selection Single Barrel (never offered before) at very special Club Member Pricing!

It’s good to be a part of the Maker’s Mark Private Selection Single Barrel Program. Anybody who gets their hands on this one will surely know why. The small-batch distillery in Loretto, Kentucky has made a name for themselves with their unique look and taste, but their Cask Strength program is where they really set themselves apart.

Selecting a barrel of Makers Mark is different from any other single barrel. With Makers you get to blend your own barrel using different different wood staves of varying levels of char & wood. It’s an absolutely crazy process that for us took hours & about 30 different blends. I can’t think of a selection that is more reliant on the buyer trusting the source that it’s coming from.

In blending these barrels, there are 1001 possible combinations. For mine, I used 3 baked American pure, 2 seared French Cuvée, 2 Maker’s 46, 3 roasted French Mocha staves. It was bottled at 112.1 proof in December of 2020. For me, this is hands down the best Maker’s Mark that I’ve ever tasted.

Stave Profile:
Baked American Pure: 3
Seared French Cuvee: 2
Maker’s Mark 46: 2
Roasted French Mocha: 3
Toasted French Spice: 0

Fragrant notes of toffee, caramel apple and coffee. Despite being high alc., it’s crazy smooth and seductive with vanilla and caramel notes and a creamy finish that delivers a super enjoyable slow burn.

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