Maison Foucher Lebrun Sancerre Blanc Le Mont 2019

$30/by-the-glass or just $25/btl today.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to take Melissa up to New York City to eat and we are missing some of our favorite spots. It’s always been one of our traditions to head into the city on Monday Nights and try out some of the city’s “can’t miss” spots.

One of those spots was Molly Nickerson’s Marea, in addition to great cuisine – they’re masters of finding phenomenal wines to pair with their oysters and caviar or one of their great Crudo creations.

The last time we were there – it took Melissa ordering her second glass (before the first course was cleared) for me to realize I might have been missing something. I really think she might’ve let me go the entire dinner without telling me how good it was!

There it was though – a perfectly dialed in, piercing mineral Sancerre courtesy of Foucher Lebrun. And at 30 bucks a glass, worth every penny.

When NYC’s restaurants suddenly shuttered last year – I was able to snatch up hundreds of cases of abandoned Sancerre from the top accounts in the city. Of course, by now, you would think that ship would have sailed, but last week when I was trying to procure a few Mother’s Day bottles for Melissa – I stumbled onto more than I was banking on.

Original price was: $28.00.Current price is: $25.00.

Out of stock

It’s no surprise that this gem from Foucher Lebrun graces the ‘By-the-Glass’ lists of some of NYC’s hottest restaurants including Marea and Morini. What is surprising is that I was able to get my hands on the last of the 2019 ‘Le Mont’ at a crazy good price. It’s so dialed in, with the perfect piercing minerally, a long, powerful mid-palate and a crisp clean finish. A great compliment with anything from the ocean, this one is a screaming buy while it lasts. 

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