Hahn Appellation Series Pinot Noir Arroyo Secco 2020

Now, the $20 Pinot Noir is one of the last of a dying breed. You really need to know where to look, because chances are the quality won’t be there even if the price tag is. Today’s wine manages to have both – but it’s an anomaly.

If you somehow make a really good $20 Pinot, it just means you locked into something a long time ago. Back in the early 1980’s when the Hahn Family started planting in Monterey County, they were called crazy. Sound familiar? All the pioneers in this industry are.

But the family identified what has now become the ‘Arroyo Seco’ appellation as the perfect place to grow Pinot Noir. Sure, it has warm sunny days with the relentless summer sun. But with help from the Monterey Bay and winds from the Salinas Valley, Monterey gets pretty chilly at night, making it the ideal climate to grow Pinot Noir with nice acidity and depth of flavor.

Just south of the Santa Lucia Highlands, their Ste. Philippe Vineyard from which this Pinot Noir was created sits in an ancient dry riverbed that’s full of well-drained sandy-loam. The ground is scattered with river stones known as ‘Greenfield Potatoes’ (named for the adjacent town of Greenfield, CA), a pivotal part of the terroir that helps store and release heat in the vineyard.

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90 Points (Editors’ Choice), Wine Enthusiast
“This bottling packs all the familiar hallmarks of the variety into a likable package. Aromas of muddled plum, dark cherry, cola and toasty oak slide into a ripe, fruit-driven palate of black cherry and nutmeg, with a grip that lasts into the finish.”

90 Points (Editors’ Choice), Wine Enthusiast

The ‘Appellation Series’ which is the family’s Estate Pinot Noir always shows strong accents from this unique terroir, but 2020 has turned out even more pronounced. These are the kinds of Pinots that now go for $35-$40/bottle all throughout the state. But this one is a total steal. It’s lively with bright cherry flavors and even a little bit of earth but it’s super well balanced and has a nice spiced finish. Great with food, but I think this is the kind of Pinot that can shine on its own. There’s a lot to like here.

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