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Domaine des Terres de Chatenay Macon Peronne 2021

Finding a white burgundy with the character of Terre de Chatenay takes a lot of work. A million producers, tiny estates, and a thirsty market for white Burgundy means a lot of average wine is out and about. But when you get off the beaten path and into the limestone-hills of villages like Péronne, you can find truly stunning wine at ridiculous prices.

That’s what we found a few years ago in Jean-Claude Janin’s Domaine des Terres de Chatenay estate; 7 hectares of naturally farmed, old Chardonnay vines rooted in some of the most mineral soil of Burgundy. The resulting wines are electric renditions of white Burgundy, with high-toned, floral aromatics, a deep concentration of green apple and pear fruit and a laser-like finish that is stony, a touch saline and a mile long.


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