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Domaine Cherrier Sancerre La Croix Poignant 2019


I don’t want to sugar coat this. We are ahead of the curve and have locked into a substantial amount of pre-tariff wine but these will not be available for very long and the offers will be earlier than a typical year.

Here’s my advice. I’ll be laying out several of these over the next 30 to 45 days. I’ll let you know what they are. If you see something you generally drink – even something you want to be drinking on a hot summer day in June or July, I’d buy it by the case now. Prices will spike and even worse – many skus won’t be imported at all this year.

That being said – the first is a doozy. Many of you fell in love with one of our new producers in 2020. The fourth generation of the Cherrier Family produced one of our most popular Sancerres of the year.

Precious little of their wine ever makes it stateside and today’s wine is no exception. The 2019 La Croix Poignant’ is a single-vineyard selection of older vines – 25 years all the way up to 70 years of age, with the older vines imparting a lot of character and depth. Harvested by hand, every care is taken with this very special cuvee.

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