Chateau Gachon Montagne Saint Emilion 2018

The Chem. de Chantecaille is one of the most famous streets in France. If you have ever visited, it’s one that people go very slowly on so they can turn their heads constantly to get a glimpse of both sides of the road. The Chantecaille which leads through Saint-Emilion and Pomerol is home to some of the biggest names in all of wine, let alone just Bordeaux.

Chateau Petrus, Le Gay, Trotanoy, Lefleur… these are just some of the wineries sprinkled on this famous road. Most of these Chateau charge an arm and a leg (well over $100/btl to start with Petrus in the lead at nearly $4,800/btl). But only a few hundred yards away from Petrus along the very same street, sits a chateau where arguably the best bargains in the entire Right Bank are grown.

Chateau Gachon sits on 15 hectares of clay soils, close to the hamlet of Pomerol. Classified within the district of Montagne Saint-Emilion, the wines coming off this estate are classic Right Bank blends with elegance, structure and impeccable balance.


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Wine Enthusiast called the 2018 Merlot based wines, “superb” and called out the super rare combination in Bordeaux of wines with depth and power but with an underlying freshness.  That’s what we have here. Gachon’s 2018 Right Bank beauty displays all the hallmarks of this super successful vintage. It’s bright and fresh but still has good depth (aided by the 30% Cabernet) as well as great tannic structure, oak integration and softness. This should drink great for the next 4-8 years.

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