Bookers Little Book Chapter 6 ‘To the Finish’


This is a super passion project for Master Distiller Freddie Noe which brings out the most creativity perhaps in the entire Jim Beam portfolio. There’s nothing quite like the Jim Beam and Bookers  “Little Book Series.” It seems like every chapter, Freddie pulls a rabbit out of his hat and does something unheard of for Jim Beam for a variety of reasons.

Little Book’s Chapter 6 is a winner — even if I only was allocated six measly bottles to spread around. I’m not sure how long these collectibles are going to last, but I know whoever gets them is getting a bottle that should appreciate rapidly here in the next few years.

This brand new 2022 release includes a blend of five different liquid streams using different wood staves and barrel techniques that impart a unique liquid profile due to the secondary aging. This new chapter continues to push the boundaries of blending and challenges what some might assume of lower aged whiskies. The way these liquid streams complement each other makes this liquid extremely approachable, even for those who haven’t given cask strength whiskey a try.

4-year Straight Malt Whiskey Finished with Cherrywood Staves
4-year Straight Malt Whiskey in Applewood Smoked Barrels
4-year Straight Malt Whiskey Finished in Hickory Smoked Barrels
5-year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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