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Orders are available for pick-up at Restaurant Nicholas at 160 Route 35 South Red Bank, NJ 07701 during the following times:

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Baker’s Single Barrel 7 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Nothing will ever beat having Baker Beam make me his favorite lunch in his own kitchen. Wow was this an episode out of fear factor. I’m usually adventurous but I had 3 things that I’ve never eaten before. Baker is a soft spoken true Kentucky legend but he laughed his ass off at my reaction . At least I got to taste some pretty killer bourbon.

Baker is just as lively as ever. He’s now in his late 80’s and has long since retired from being the master distiller at his grand uncle’s distillery Jim Beam. You also may know his fist cousin Booker. Do any of these name’s ring a bell yet?? Baker’s is by far the smallest & most dear Of Beams “top 4” ; Knob Creek, Basil Hayden’s, Booker’s & Baker’s.

Baker releases 2 age statement bourbons, 7 year & 13 year old, both at 107 proof. That doesn’t mean it necessarily is 7 year old, just that it’s at least 7. The six bottles I was just allotted from the distillery actually come in at 8 years and 1 month. This is a special Bourbon release as always- rare and delicious.

For a limited time, as a special exclusive for my Bourbon Buyers Club – you can find this gem at the best price in New Jersey — no further discounts apply.

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