Cantine Volpi Aurora Barbera Piemonte 2021 (12-Pack Price)

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With hundreds if not thousands more wines to drink now than ever before, the market can become saturated and the reviews can get repetitive, lazy and even mailed in. Sometimes it’s really hard to tell if a reviewer even liked a wine based on their one or two sentences, which is why we taste through everything we offer. If you haven’t tried it, you can’t possibly know.

But every once in a while, you stumble across a review where you can tell unequivocally that not only did the reviewer actually try the wine… but that they really liked it. That’s today’s wine – and after tasting it last week, I can see why.

To say Wine Enthusiast cared for this scrumptious new Piedmonte Barbera would be a bit of an understatement. The reviewer who gave this wine (which we have for just $12.50/btl today) a rave 92-point ‘Best Buy’ designate, absolutely loved this wine. In fact, he went as far as to call it, “an affirmation of all that is good in the wine world: delicious, fun and serious”. That is a man who enjoyed his bottle of Barbera.

But in a day and age where pricing on some varietals has gone through the proverbial roof, this bright, juicy, smooth, easy drinking red is priced right where you want it – the definition of an easy case buy.

Original price was: $192.00.Current price is: $150.00.

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92 Points (Best Buy), Wine Enthusiast

“This wine is an affirmation of all that is good in the wine world: delicious, fun and serious. Vivacious aromas of tart red berries, fresh mixed herbs and wildflowers are in near-perfect harmony in this energetic wine. The palate is bright and refreshing with crunchy and perfectly ripe tart cherries being at the core of the palate. On the finish, classic Barbera acidity keeps it fresh with a note of minerality to keep you intrigued. Drink now.”

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