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Domaine du Carrou

Dinner Chez Roger in Sancerre

Domaine du Carrou

One of my favorite visits during my wine trip last spring was to Domaine du Carrou in Sancerre. It was there that I got to spend time with Dominique and his family– an experience I truly cherished. Dominique manages Domaine du Carrou in Bué, one of the 14 communes in the Center of the Loire Valley that is located in the Sancerre appellation. The Roger’s history of producing Sauvignon Blanc in the region dates back to the 17th Century!

Sure, walking the vineyards with Dominique Roger (a true master) and having him explain to me why each plot of vines tastes so different from each other was pretty cool, but the absolute best part was his wife Dany cooking us a traditional dinner.

You’re gonna be in pretty good shape anytime a French woman cooks for you in her home, but this dinner was really something special. The highlight for me was the veal stew that she braised in Sancerre Blanc. She may have alluded to the Burgundians being crazy for doing their stews in red wine. You have to love the French, they are so proud of their “own” area. I loved this dish so much that I may threaten to try and recreate this meal for a special dinner in the near future.

Farmed from Bue – the highest elevation village in Sancerre – Dominique Roger’s wines are always extraordinary specimens of Sauvignon Blanc – lively and fresh, with plenty of life ahead. I found out just how much life when we tasted through 25 vintages(!) chez Roger. The wines are incredibly vibrant and aromatic with the complexity and depth to suggest it will only continue to get better in a cool, dark place. Each one poised to outlive the next.

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