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2022 Burgundy Vintage Report

2022 Bourgogne Vintage Report

2022 Burgundy Vintage Report

Warming temperature trends over the last decade or more will inevitably change the landscape of almost all wine growing regions. Some will benefit. Traditionally cool regions that have struggled to fully ripen grapes each and every vintage have begun seeing better and more consistent results from vintage to vintage.

Areas like Burgundy, where there used to be a constant balancing act of sun exposure versus soil type are currently producing outstanding wines further afield from the historic grand and premiere crus. Luckily, the global wine market hasn’t yet caught on fully and if one knows where to look, exceptional regional wines can provide a welcome respite to soaring prices – at least for now.

Knowing what to buy in wider Burgundy will be tricky as it will vary substantially producer to producer and vineyard to vineyard. But I believe many of these wines will be looked back on in 10+ years as “I know them when” wines.

The 2022 vintage was sunny, dry, and hot, similar to years like 2019 and 2020 yet without any of the climatic disasters that greatly reduced the yields of those years. It started warm in February and March, leading to early bud break that was threatened by cooler April temps but the region was spared of any yield-killing spring frosts. Ripening accelerated through spring and early summer but this warm tendency was moderated by timely rainfall in late June and August, giving much-needed water and a slow-down in maturation.

Harvest began in the warmest areas in late August and ran through mid-September. This combination of dry weather and timely storms provided a generous yield for the first time since 2015, with ripe, supple fruit and fresh acidities, particularly for growers with old vines.