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Resonance Willamette Valley Chardonnay 2021

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Just after retiring in 2013, Pierre Henry Gaugey, the owner of Maison Louis Jadot came calling to his former winemaker of four decades. Despite years at the helm of one of the most influential wine operations in the world, was he up for an even bigger challenge? Move halfway around the world, start a winery from scratch, and attempt to make the best wines of his already storied career. Having previously been to Oregon and enjoyed its beauty, he reluctantly agreed.

In his first vintage in Oregon, Jacques Lardiere didn’t have a winery. Nor a tasting room. No way to sell his wine. It wouldn’t matter. In a 2013 vintage that most of the valley found too challenging, Jacques Lardière produced an absolute juggernaut. Wine Enthusiast declared it a cellar selection, gave it 94 points and wrote that Jacques “didn’t disappoint” with “a magical combination of finesse, silkiness and strident youth”. It sold out on pre-order alone and just like that, a next big Jadot project had been solidified.

Now in his eight year in Oregon, Jacques’ Resonance project is one of Oregon’s most talked about in the valley. Armed with a brand new state of the art winemaking facility and a breath-taking tasting room, Jacques hasn’t let up – having churned out nearly a dozen 94+ rated wines in just a handful of vintages. This one is no exception. In fact, it’s his highest decorated Chardonnay to date in Oregon.

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