Wyoming Whiskey Private Stock Nicholas Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon #4


This is definitely one of the most unique private barrels of bourbon you’re gonna find anywhere and it comes from our friends at in Kirby at Wyoming Whiskey. It’s been two years since we’ve had this baby! They make their own whiskey in-house instead of getting it shipped to them and finishing it. In doing so, they use winter wheat to churn out a medium length whiskey with notes of honey, burnt sugar, cinnamon and caramel on the finish. It’s sensational – but I only have 120 bottles from this barrel to offer up.

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On the palate: Honey, burnt orange, cinnamon & light caramel

Finish: medium length with more fall spice with a slow burn that will trick you into thinking it’s a much lower proof. Have another & forget about life for a while & dream about being in Wyoming sans face mask.

Wyoming uses their own winter wheat which gives their bourbon a completely different taste. What is a wheated bourbon you ask? Well it’s a bourbon that uses wheat instead of rye to mix with the corn in the mashbill. There are a few bourbons that come from Kentucky that use wheat in their mashbills. Perhaps you’ve heard of a few of them, Weller, Old Fitzgerald, oh & Pappy Van Winkle. I love a wheated bourbon because they deliver more depth of flavor & an almost creamy mouth feel.

There’s one very important difference between WW and those Kentucky distilleries that adds complexity that cannot be matched elsewhere. The rickhouse in Kirby, Wyoming is subject to incredible weather extremes.  Keep in mind that bourbon rickhouses are not heated. The winters are much colder than Kentucky, so you don’t get the same intensity of sweet oak from the early stages aging; instead the long, slow maturation lets the whiskey develop slower, resulting in increased complexity.

Nicholas Notes:

This is a total beauty. After tasting 15 samples, I always kept coming back to this one. I had to have it. It was bottled at 102 proof. This is another of those bottles for the serious bourbon drinkers.

Bouquet: Freshly Baked Bread, Orange Rind, Honey, Syrup

On the palate: Honey, burnt orange, caramel and, cinnamon with winter spice.

Finish: Long and smooth with a nice slow burn that tapers off with smooth notes of spice. You never feel the heat, but at 51% alc. it is definitely one that will pack a big punch – but you’ll absolutely love it.

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