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Journeyman Corset Whips & Whiskey Nicholas Reserve (113.2 Proof)


Imagine reading a review from Robert Parker that said ” #1 wine from America”. I think that would certainly catch your attention. Well, that’s just what Fred Minnick (The Robert Partker of the Whiskey/Bourbon world) said about Journeyman Distillery. “#1 Wheated Whiskey in America”. Shouldn’t that be #1 Wheated Whiskey in the World? Or are they holding out from us in Europe or Africa somewhere? Anyway, I digress.

He tasted over 600 blind during the pandemic. Sounds like his lockdown might have been better than most of ours! Journeyman makes 2 versions of Whiskey, one is the Featherbone & the other is the Corset, Whips & Whiskey which is the much more limited release. You know, if I’m going to do a private barrel with my name on it that I was picking from the Corset batch. Oh & I made sure it was bottled at full proof!

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