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Orders are available for pick-up at Restaurant Nicholas at 160 Route 35 South Red Bank, NJ 07701 during the following times:

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Valery Renaudat P’tit Renaudat Pinot Noir 2020


To secure this future Tuesday night Hall of Famer, we had to get way way off the Rue Nationale Finding value takes work and knowledge of the back roads of wine country because it’s never right in front of you. This time, we had to go south and west of Sancerre on the winding roads that lead to the village of Reuilly.

Climate change has been kinder to growers of Pinot here, certainly way more than those in Oregon, again, just ask Chad. In a place where a generation ago red grapes didn’t fully ripen every year, Valéry Renaudat is now producing knocked-out, vibrant Pinot that put to the shame most simple Bourgognes that are double the P’tit Renaudat price.

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