Sylvain Bailly Sancerre Terroirs 2023

This is a total knockout Sancerre that in addition to being featured by-the-glass at Balthazar in the city also serves as one of the region’s best overall values. The problem is – it comes but once a year and then it disappears for the next 360 days. What you get though is a vibrant, laser focused new release. It’s high toned and incredibly fresh with notes of green apple, lemongrass, and quince with a stony finish that speaks to the special limestone gracing the hillsides of Bué. It is without a doubt the quintessential Sancerre and matches most any kind of food you want to dream up in your kitchen.

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Sylvain Bailly owns parcels in some of the greatest vineyards in all of Sancerre: among their holdings are the great vineyards of Grand Chemarin, Le Château, Les Chasseignes, and the famous Chêne Marchand.

That’s probably why Sonia Bailly and her tiny family domaine in the heart of Sancerre have become Nicholas Wines readers’ absolute favorites. We’ve offered her Sancerre Rose and her single-vineyard Sancerre. Shoot, we’ve even had their Quincy. Everything made there seems to be absolutely lights-out.

Her tiny boutique certainly knows how to make a big splash. After all, if you earn a near-exclusive with restaurant juggernaut Keith McNally at Balthazar, one of the world’s most popular spots, you’re probably doing something right.

You may not remember, but Keith was actually my introduction to this amazing winery. When the pandemic hit and Balthazar stopped serving, we were able to sneak a special offer out to the Nicholas faithful to help ‘lighten the load.’ A palate sold, and I guess we had earned ourselves a permanent spot on this boutique winery’s radar!

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