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Domaine Cornu-Camus Pernand Blanc Les Vignes Blanches 2018


If you have a normal job you’ve probably have heard nothing about the 25% tariff on most French wine (along with many other products from the E.U. – German Riesling, Single Malt Scotch, Parmigiana Reggiano?!?!) that goes into effect next week. I can’t believe what little news coverage this has received. Perhaps if Kim K. posted herself holding her favorite bottle of Provence Rose with an upside down smile emoji people would know it was happening.

Why has this “tax” been put in place ??? Basically the World Trade Organization has finally ruled in favor of the U.S. after a 15 year legal struggle where the US argued that the E.U. illegally subsidized Airbus (French) and gave them an unfair competitive edge over Boeing (American). This gave us the right to reclaim over 7 billion dollars in retaliatory tariffs. This is above my pay grade but make some sense.

But here’s the part I’m struggling with. If the E.U. is basically getting fined, how in the f@#% does it make sense that normal Americans are effectively paying that tax? The importer is going to have to pay that tax. And they are going to pass that cost on to the wholesaler, who will pass it on to the retailer who will pass it on to …. Guess who? In the coming weeks all imported wine is going to cost at least another 25%.

So here’s my warning to you. If you’re a fan of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, chiseled Chablis, Burgundy, Bordeaux, stock up now!

Luckily today’s wine was procured at pre-tariff prices and there IS NO ALTERNATIVE for a great white Burgundy. I had already dug deep into the depths of Burgundy to over-deliver on value here. Great white Burgundy has an incredibly unique profile of fruity richness balanced by stony minerality. They are great with food and just get better with proper aging. The main issue with Burgundy are supply and demand. (And soon, a 25% increase in price.)

To find real value, you have to get off the rue nationale. Very few Burgundy estates have provided the bang for the buck at NW quite like Lydia Cornu has. Lydia’s reds are staples in the restaurant and in the NW store but the real stunners have been her whites. The last two vintages of white wine were smash successes and have led to countless customers asking when the next vintage would arrive (right now!)

Her first two vintages of white wine were smash successes and have led to countless customers asking when the next vintage would arrive (right now!)

I am 100% with them, her Pernand Blanc has a unique profile of soaring aromas, with a fruity richness balanced by an electric vibrancy generally found in white Burgs with Montrachet as part of their name.

Her 2018 Pernand Blanc Les Vignes Blanches is intense, loaded with aromas and flavors of green apple, lemon cream, and hazelnuts. It’s crazy long on the palate, mineral and stony all the way through which keeps it light on its feet and incredibly drinkable. The only downside to Lydia’s white wines is that she makes tiny amounts of wine– just a few barrels each year. So, don’t miss it, it is a crazy-good bottle of white Burgundy at a fraction of the price of Meursault, Puligny or Chassagne.

After the tariff price: At least $44

Regular Price: $35

NW Price: $27.50

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Do not miss this one, it is a crazy-good bottle of white Burgundy at a fraction of price of Meursault, Puligny or Chassagne.


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Great paired with anything from the sea or a creamy mushroom dish.